If you are a YouTube fan of ours, you will have noticed that there has not been a lot of action going on recently. As we are Canadians, we have to contend with one heck of a Winter where really working on the bus was not an option. We like our toes and would like to keep them!

However, winter is long gone (at least for the last monthish) and you are probably wondering why we have yet to start on our school bus conversion again!

Well the answer is long and drawn out and also really simple – Our goal to move into the bus – has gotten in the way! Yes, you read that right – the ultimate goal of moving into our bus full-time is exactly what is keeping us from getting back to our build.

As you take on a skoolie build, or any other adventure of this kind, there is more to it than simply building your skoolie, purchasing your RV or jumping in your converted camper van. The list of things to do is overwhelming and can some times feel like there is no end. But to live this life, there are things that need to be done!

Preparing Your House for Sale

For some people this will not apply to you, but for us it does and it is the one of the biggest tasks on our list. Over the past four years we have entirely renovated our home. And I mean – entirely! This included new exterior and interior walls, lowering floors, raising ceilings, and on and on. It was one heck of a job! We are just now putting on the finishing touches!

Now you might not have such a big renovation holding you back from selling your house – but there is always something. Whether it is a new paint job, adding some curb appeal or replacing that leaking facuet. There will be tasks on your to-do list that have to be done in order for you to finally take off on the road and leave that sticks and bricks house behind.

This can also come into play if you are renting. Maybe there are some things you weren’t supposed to hang up but did and now you have to do a few drywall repairs. Maybe there is that spot on the lawn that you dog tried to dig to China. That will have to be repaired too.

Whatever the case maybe – there will always be something that needs to be done in your old house before you can move into your new home on wheels!


This is a HUGE one for anyone going tiny! You will not even realize how much stuff you have actually accumulated until you have to go through it one piece at a time!

We recently took over 1,200 lbs of junk to the landfill – all leftovers from our home renovations. We have also delivered truckloads to the Goodwill. Although we feel lighter – these were huge tasks.

On top of this we will have to go through every single thing we own to decide whether it is coming with us, going to a new home or ultimately ending up in the landfill. There are also some things that we don’t wish to just give away so will have to deal with the process of selling these items. You will have to go through this process as well.

All the Things

On top of these bigger tasks, there are a ton of little tasks and time-consuming research that goes into an adventure this massive.

You will have to spend a ton of time researching about your build or your purchase. Not only on how exactly to build it, but also on which products are best, figuring out the best layout as well as all the legal requirements such as licensing and insurance.

You will have to figure out a new job that is remote, how to make your job remote or what you are going to do about money on the road. This also includes figuring out a budget when you are not quite sure yet which expenses your going to incur or how much is a realistic number. There is a ton of information out there, but I find as a Canadian this is a little harder as there are not a lot of Canadian’s sharing this information. At least not ones I have found yet. If you are out there – drop us a line!

The Build

Now somewhere in all this chaos – you will also be building your bus/van/tiny house, renovating your new to you trailer or out shopping for a new one.

After we just (almost) completed a 4 year home renovation – we have a full understanding of how much work this takes! There will be points where you are so overwhelmed you don’t want to look at it anymore. There will be points where something that seemed to be so easy – takes you days if not weeks to completed. There will also be times where your budget sits there as ashes as you laugh hysterically and wonder how you didn’t account for all the extra expenses.


So where have we been? We have been living the convert it life – which is so much more than simply building a bus! There is tons of research, a house to sell (or move out of), years of stuff that needs to find a new home and money issues that have to be figured out. It is not going to be an easy task, but in the end it will be worth it!