Skoolie Build: Day Two: Removing the Subfloor

Removing the floors in your school bus is kind of like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning so long as you expect that you will be receiving a huge lump of coal! The job is nasty, tiring and reveals all sorts of nastiness! However, it is one vital part of any skoolie build!

Revealing the metal floor of your school bus will enable you to not only bask in the misery below (aka rust), but properly insulate the floor of the bus so that you stay nice and cosy during your travels. We want to travel for fun and adventure – not to huddle beneath blankets shivering or walking around naked and sweating to death!

So for the first step in comfort travel – make sure you remove that yucky rubber floor (or laminate like we ended up with), the rotting subfloor (it might not look it from above) and take care of that rust!



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