Skoolie Build: Day 3: Removing the Walls

When building a school bus conversion aka “skoolie” build, you have two options when it comes to your ceiling. Leave it in or Take it Out. Mindblowing eh?

Now I understand the concept of leaving it in – its just that much less to do which is absolutely fabulous BUT and this is a big but. What hides beneath those metal panels is kinda important!

If you have a Thomas bus like us, you will be one of the lucky ones who gets to simply deal with screws. This does not mean that they will all come out simple though so make sure you have some type of angle grinder or the like to ensure that you can get the stubborn ones out of there! If you have a Blue Bird – IM SORRY! It is rivet heaven for you.

We decided to go with the more work (Yah – not) but are very glad we did! It will cause aching shoulders, a few cuts and bruises and maybe a fight or two about whose turn it is now, but it will be worth it in the end! You will have easy access to put in new lighting (LEDs for the win), have a chance to better insulate the ceiling both for heat and to keep yourself cooler, ensure you don’t have any leaks and put in a fan, skylight or anything your heart desires! You also get to put up a brand new ceiling instead of the boring old metal that has been there for decades.

What we found behind our panels is a scary thought had we left them in. Pouring water from lights and our own little skylight sans any protection! I cannot stress the importance of making sure you put in the work now to ensure a lasting build.

Join us in our epic adventure of tearing out our ceiling in our 3rd episode below


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