How to Choose an RV: Motorhomes

There are so many options for recreational vehicles that you sometimes feel like your head is spinning out of control! How to choose an RV can be a very daunting task. That does not even take into account that after you finally pick which RV you want – you have to then decide on layouts, size, features and on and on.┬áSo how do you choose an RV?

I always find that the first step in any decision – is to determine the pros and cons of each option.

In this three-part series, we will be going over the pros and cons of all the RV options to make life a little easier and help you along your path of choosing an RV.


Class A

The first rv up in our How to Choose an RV series is the Class A Motorhome. The Class A is what most people imagine when they talk about an RV. These are the majestic visions that drive down the road – you watch in awe and wondering what those people do for a living to be able to afford such a grand vehicle.


      • The luxuries can be endless – if your pocket allows.
      • The largest of all options so it can feel more like home.
      • No need to purchase an additional vehicle so you can tow your RV.
      • You can, however, tow a smaller vehicle behind the Class A for local area trips.
      • Offer more headroom than other motorhomes.
      • Comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
      • Epic view out of the front window makes it a marvel to drive.
      • No need to go out into the storm if you don’t want to – just slide out of your driver’s seat and enter your living space without ever stepping foot outside.



      • You better have deep pockets if you want one of these babies (unless you are really lucky and receive a sponsorship where they give you one for free). Price tags can range for high five figures to over a million if you want real luxury.
      • It’s like driving a bus – a really big bus….No more taking those corners at fast speeds. I would be lucky to corner at all! But you will get some wicked driving experience and maybe (if you hate your neighbour) be able to take out a few fences or mailboxes at the same time.
      • Don’t expect to be able to go off the beaten path too often as a lot of off the grid locations are not accessible with a Class A. Of course you can give it a try – but I can’t promise there won’t be damage or a tow in your future.
      • Do not expect this guy to fit into your single care driveway or normal sized garage. These guys are tall, long and wide. You will have to arrange some type of alternative parking unless you already have a driveway that should really be a street.
      • Fuel economy is not a word that is known by a Class A. They love their fuel and are as hungry as our dogs when we put on a pound of bacon. Expect to have a more than healthy fuel budge.
      • There is more room for the in-laws —- enough said!


Class B

The second Rv in our How to Choose an RV series is the Class B. The Class B looks like a large mini-van. It basically is just that. It is a motorhome built on a van chassis and mostly like will be built taller or with a pop up (to allow headroom for walking around). In this same class is those who just take a normal everyday van and convert it by adding all the fixtures themselves. We will cover this type specifically in our alternative housing post later in this series.


      • This guy is a ninja! A Class B blends in with all the other vehicles on the road, in the parking lot, on the street or in your driveway. You are unlikely to get any complaints when travelling full-time in this type of motorhome.
      • The only better gas mileage would be if you were living out of a smart car (I would pay to see someone convert one of these!).
      • Just like a Class A, there is no need to step out into the hurricane if you don’t want to – just slide on back. Another plus with this is there is no longer a need to ever wear pants again (just think about it).
      • If you are lucky enough to have 4X4 in your Class B, you are pretty much unlimited on where you can go. No one and nothing will be able to stop you (insert evil laugh). Just make sure you make a compilation of all the epic and unusual places you see and send it our way.
      • Unless the in-laws want to snuggle with you – you have a very valid excuse on why they cannot come.



      • Back problems – lots and lots of back problems. Expect to be the new hunchback. Unless you get one with a raised roof, these suckers are low and are not great for those not vertically challenged.
      • These guys will fit the basic necessities but don’t expect to throw the epic indoor party or partake in yoga inside. All these adventures will have to take place in the great outdoors. However – this is why we are doing it in the first place.
      • Most will come with either no toilet facilities or the bare minimum (we are talking a tiny wetbath or a bucket. If this doesn’t faze you or if you are in love with trucker bathrooms, then this can certainly go in the pros column). There are also options for outdoor showers and since you might already be going pants-less, there is not much to worry about. I am not a fan of any of these options, so in the cons list it will stay for me.
      • Leave your cherished collection of gnomes at home. There is not going to be extra storage space in here. It is for the essentials and that is it. You will have to leave the gnomes at home.


Class C

Running in last in the motorhomes, but certainly not the least favorite is the Class C. The Class C is a hybrid – not the fuel efficient kind or a cross between a monkey and a kangaroo (aka a “kangey”), but a cross between a Class A and a Class B.


      • Depending on the size (and yes size does matter), these can also fit in a lot of tight spaces –
        like a normal parking space and driveway. The larger ones you will run into the same issue with the Class A – where you better be rich enough to have a street as a driveway.
      • This guy is in-between on the gas mileage. Not as much of a suck as the Class A, but certainly not as efficient as the Class B.
      • You can stand (whoot whoot)! And how glorious that is. It has all the basic necessities plus a little more. You should have your own indoor toliet and shower, as well as a bed that doesn’t need a puzzle master to figure out each night.
      • Again, no hurricane issues here – just step on back and you are right at home.
      • There is enough storage space for a couple of gnomes if you so desire.



      • As mentioned above, you better have some spare change to afford the extra gas.
      • If you get a larger Class C, you are going to run into the same issues as the Class A. You will certainly have to look out for tall bridges, tight corners and the size restrictions at RV parks.
      • Don’t expect a lot of privacy as most are wide open and don’t have doors to the bedroom area.
        Also, some bedrooms are simply over the cab so climbing will be involved.
      • There are extra sleeping quarters so the in-laws might make an appearance.
      • Some places will just be off limits as this can still be quite a large beast.

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