Going to the RV Show to get Skoolie Ideas

Pinterest is my nemesis! I can go for hours on there looking for organization, furniture and layout ideas that we can put into our skoolie. I check it out so much that I feel that I have seen it all. So a few weekends ago we decided to check out a local RV Expo to see what more ideas we could come up with for our Skoolie.

Now don’t worry, we are not thinking of ditching the skoolie idea and going for a regular manufactured RV.

When this journey began our plan was to purchase an RV – most likely a travel trailer as that is what was within our budget. We axed this idea for a few reasons:

  1. The construction of travel trailers and most 5th wheels seem rather “cheap”. Guess that makes sense as we were looking for “cheap” to match with our budget.
  2. I watched way too many youtube videos on these things crashing or tipping or simply falling apart on their own. It made me scared to have this giant wind sail attached to our truck.
  3. We found the new world of Skoolies and just thought that the idea was so epic.

So feel free to come along as we go through some of the great ideas we found in these RVs that we will hopefully be implementing into our skoolie build. Also you will get to watch as we struggle to comprehend the silly storage ideas/inefficient uses of space in some of the RVs that our now out.


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We also have a new series called Sticks 2 Steel were we will be covering all the “other” things that go along with a skoolie build – Decluttering/Downsizing, Finishing our home reno, budgetting, moving, finding remote work, selling a house and the list i am sure goes on

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