“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

– Mae West

No matter what your dream is, there is one thing that is inevitable. There are people out there that will want to kill your dream. They are the dream killers!

People will tell you that your dream is impossible. People will tell you that you are crazy. They will tell you that you are ruining your life or making a mistake. People will pretty much rain all over your parade.

Now you can’t let this get you down or stop you from living your dream!

So how exactly do you deal with these dream killers?

Well we have a few tips that will hep you navigate your way around these roadblocks with the least amount of road rash for both them and for you!

Expect the Unexpected

We feel like we know the people in our lives pretty well, but when you have a dream as big and “crazy” as ditching it all and travelling full-time, you can never know what reaction you are going to receive from the people in your lives.

You have to go in expecting the worst reaction possible – then everything else is gravy.

We were extremely lucky when we announced our big news to our parents. On both sides, we were met with mostly excitement and well wishes. I did expect this from some, but not all – so I was pleasantly surprised.

Now this will not be the case for everyone – again we are extremely lucky.

The people that you think are going to be the least supportive – might be your biggest supporters. While, the people that you think are going to be on your side – might actually turn out to be the worst sort of dream killer out there!

Whatever you expect – whether good or bad – might not be exactly what you receive. So ensure that you are prepared either way.

Come Prepared

Although we have not received a lot of push back from our parents regarding our plans to travel around North America full-time, I am finding that the more we talk about our plans and the more we show that we know what we are doing, the more accepting and excited they become.

Make sure you know what you are doing and have a plan. Share that plan and show them that it isn’t just a pipe dream. Show them that you know exactly what you are doing and they will be more accepting.

Not sure of your plan yet? Check out our list of all the things that you will have to think about when finally starting your journey toward full-time travel

 What It Takes to Get To The Tiny Life


Understand Them

I don’t believe there are many people out there that are purposely trying to stomp all over your dreams simply because. Although I can admit that there are some.

For most people, they do have a valid reason (at least to them) for why they are trying to talk you out of your dreams. They are mostly out of love and caring for you and you need to realize that.


People who love you – will be scared for you. They want you safe and they want what is best for you. With a dream this big, there are a ton of unknowns.

They may worry for your safety while on the road. Given the fear mongering the media does these days, you cannot really blame them.

They may worry that you are giving up on opportunities. This is especially so if you will be quitting your job or selling you house and belongings to fulfill your dream. They may worry about all the hard work you put into getting where you are and how you are just “throwing it away”.

They’re Stuck in the Box

Some people are very content with living how society wants them to live. I deem these people “stuck in the box”. I have always found that if you do something that is outside this box, you will meet resistance from people.

These are the people that believe there is one “right” way to live and only one way:

You have to finish high school, go to college or university, get a good paying job, get married and have 2.5 children and a white picket fence. You will work and go on 2 weeks vacation a year until you are 65 and retire. Then and only then can you do the things that you want to do with your life.

They simply don’t understand how to think the way that you think.

They do not understand how to live any other way.

However, there are really two types of these people. Either

  1. They love living in the box and don’t want a way out
  2. They can see no alternative and live in the box but are miserable – just wishing they could get out.

If you are dealing with the former – there isn’t much you can do, but try to agree to disagree. There are the true dream killers, because it is outside their understanding to really have a dream.

If it is the latter – these are the people that you want to really show that anything is possible and maybe one day they will be right beside you fulfilling their ultimate dreams. Be their mentor and show them that anything is possible.


Some people, like the person happily stuck in the box, simply will never accept your dreams and will always have something negative to say about it.

For these people, you have two options:

Option 1 : You can ignore them and let the hateful words simply roll off your back

I know that this is easier said than done, but one day you will have to gain that thick skin.

There are people that you don’t want to delete from you life, but you don’t need to listen to them either. You can nod and pretend to agree – and then just do what you want anyway. This is kinda like being a teenager again. Think back to when you’re parents were telling you what was best for you. Did you listen? – highly unlikely.

You have the skills – so put them to work!


Option 2: You can delete them from you life.

I know that this sounds harsh, but if they will give you no quarter, then why should give in to these dream killers? Some people will always be there to simply drag you down.

To fully lead a life with no regrets and a life that is truly of your choosing – you will once in a while have to purge the negative people from your life!

Befriend Like Minded People

Now that you have purged the unfavourable people from your life – it is time to fill up that space with people who are supportive of your dreams.

Even if you are the only person you know that is going on this adventure and traveling full-time, you are not the only one out there.

It is time to befriend people who are on the same journey as you.

Check out Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. You will see countless people living the dream that you want to live. Comment and get involved – make new friends!

Even a quick google search will direct you to so many blogs and groups for people just like you!

If you are taking off on a Skoolie adventure – check out skoolie.net – you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of others just like us!

Own your own life

As our final tip – we urge you to own your own life. It is your one and only and if you don’t follow your dreams – no one will do it for you!


“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are”

– Anthony Robbins


Despite our best efforts, we will always be faced with those who want to stomp all over our dreams. Sometimes we expect it and sometimes it comes out of left field. No matter who decides that they know what is best for us, we can deal with these dream killers. Raising above it and truly understanding them can go a long way. As will having a solid plan to show that you are serious! If those fail, it may be time to get a new group of friends that understand you and let go of the negative people once and for all. All in all, it is up to you to really own your own life – because you only get one.