Best Holiday Gifts for Full-Time RVers

Guilt and Clutter Free Gifts They’ll Love

With the new trend of people moving toward minimalism, simplicity or tiny homes, it can be next to impossible to figure out what to give your loved ones during the upcoming holiday season. This is especially true if your loved one has moved into a tiny home, does full-time RVing or lives in some other type of small space. Even if  your loved ones doen’t have a tiny space – they might already have it all. How do we give this season without just adding to the pile of stuff? The stuff that suffocates our homes and creates a ton of stress? Don’t fret, we have come up with some epic clutter-free gift ideas for this year so you can still feel amazing about giving, without the guilt of knowing you’re burying them in clutter!

Clutter Free Gift Idea #1 – Gift Cards

I have never really been able to buy people gift cards for holidays or other special occasions. To me it has always felt that I was not putting effort or thought into the gift. My perfectionism has always made me feel that I had to be a mind reader and pick out that perfect gift that my loved one has been secretly dying for! How ridiculous is that? So now that we have determined how ridiculous that sounds, I am going to suggest as our number one idea – Gift Cards! However, it’s not just any type of gift card. Simply passing the buck on who is doing the shopping, isn’t really saving anyone from the overstuffed home. You need to get gift cards that are more about must haves or experiences than about adding more stuff. Examples are gift cards for gas, groceries, clothing or restaurants.

Clutter Free Gift Idea #2 – Memberships

Another great idea for your tiny house friends is memberships – mainly for those who love to travel! There are a few top notch camping memberships that will help out anyone who is travelling full time: Good Sam RV Club – This membership gives you 10% on any Good Sam Parks & Campgrounds (and there are over 2,100 of these whoot whoot). Other bonuses with this are camping world discounts, fuel savings, propane savings, and a trip planner to name a few. Passport America – This membership gives you a whooping 50% of its participating campsites. They have nearly 1,900 campgrounds on their list. Thousand Trails Camping Pass – These can get pricey, but if you are willing to spend the money – your loved ones will never stop thanking you as these memberships give you FREE camping at all Thousand Trail Parks. There are 190 + locations to choose from across the US and a few in Canada.

Clutter Free Gift Idea #3 – Subscription Service

Who these days doesn’t have Netflix or Spotify. We all occasionially love to do a little binge watching or just rock out to the tunes. Even full-time travellers want to take a break from the great outdoors now and then to watch a movie. Or they simply may want to sit by the campfire with some mellow tunes in the background. Of course there are a ton of services to choose from. Netflix, Hulu (if you are lucky enough to be American and have access to this great service), Apple Music, Spotify, to name a few. You cannot go wrong with pitching in for a yearly subscription to one of these streaming services. Whether its a full-time traveller or just someone who has one too many things in their home – a subscription service will certainly be appreciated.

Clutter Free Gift Idea # – Event Tickets

Does your traveller love a certain artist or comedian? Get a handle on their upcoming itinerary and purchase them a couple of tickets to see their favs in a City they will be visiting. A few years ago, I purchased a couple of tickets to see “Fluffy” (if you don’t know who this is – you HAVE to check him out – he is amazeballs!). As Fluffy does not come to Canada (at least not at that time) I figured I would match the tickets with a place we really wanted to visit – New York City.  It was a gift and a trip that neither of us with ever forget! Give your loved ones that same feeling and grab them some tickets so they can experience something epic instead of adding to their clutter.

Clutter Free Gift Idea #5 – Programs

How about a computer program they have been dying to have? Are they into video editing? Graphic design? There are a lot of programs out there they would be chomping at the bit for!  Even video games these days you can simply purchase a gift card and they can go in and download the game onto their machine. No need for another empty game case laying around their house.  Same can be said for movies and CDS – instead of purchasing them the physical product. Get them the digitial version so they can still enjoy their favourite movie or artist, but without adding to that dreaded DVD/CD collection. 

Clutter Free Gift Idea #6 – A Night Out

Sometimes tiny home dwellers need an escape from the small space into the big wide open world! How about a night out – dinner and a movie or event tickets? Even a trip to a hotel for a night! Despite that fact that full-time travellers love the road and most have all the amenities they would have in a “normal” home. Sometimes we simply want someone to bring us breakfast in bed and make up the bed after we are gone. Not to mention wanting to slip into a warm bubble bath! I have yet to see an RV with a bathtub.  So give your loved ones a “spa-like” experience! 

Clutter Free Gift Idea #7 – Tangible Items

Most of the ideas are non-tangible items; however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase anything with a solid feel to it. We have a few ideas that will actually help with the clutter they already have! E-Reader – Is your traveller also a book worm? Books are heavy and can take up quite a bit of room in a tiny home. However, an e-reader can store thousands of books with very limited space! A perfect gift for your tiny home dweller! Now they can finally get rid of those paperbacks that are taking up such precious space. Cash – Cash is perfect as it can be spent on anything from camping fees, gas to park entrance fees.

The best thing about the holidays is giving to those you love. Showing your appreciation for their part in your life. Just because they live in a tiny home and can’t have a lot of things, doesn’t mean you can’t show just how much you care! From gift cards to tangible goods, there is always something out there that you can give this holiday season!