Do you feel trapped by the routine of your life and the lack of adventure?

Do you wake up every morning hoping that something bad will happen so you don’t have to again go to that 9-5 JOB?

Do you feel that you can’t get motivated to change anything because you’ve tried and you’ve failed and you just feel stuck?

Are you tired of giving away all your hard earned cash to have nothing left for yourself?

Do you dream of travel and adventure, less struggle and finally saying f*ck you to the boss that you hate and a life that you loath?

If you answered HELL YEAH to at least a few of these questions- then you are in the right place!

Chasing Sunshine is all about finding that happiness in your life by living with less, but experiencing more

Since you are still here reading – I am betting you said HELL YEAH to all the of the above, but like most people you might still have this nagging in your head:

  • You aren’t sure where to start in your journey
  • You are overwhelmed by all there is to do
  • You are constantly being put down for your grand ideas and just need some support from people who “get you”
  • You have trouble believing an epic life can really be YOUR reality 

No matter what nagging throughts are roaming through your head ~ You still can’t stop DREAMING BIG and BELIEVING that there has to be something more.

We are hear to tell you that you do deserve it all and together we can find the way. 

So who are we to be able to lead you on a new path of epic adventures and a life truly worth living? Well frankly – We have always had a passion for helping people see that there are opportunities in this world they have never even thought of. We don’t believe there are no options.

Then five years ago, we decided it was time to change our lives. At that time we lived a normal “American (Canadian Really) Dream” with the house, two cars and 9-5 jobs. The funny thing is we had what everyone strives to have and we were miserable!! To fill that misery, we did what we all do; we shopped, we tried to feel fulfilled with our two week vacation – hoping that was enough to sustain us. But all we felt was the struggle of every day life. The debt piled up and the bills never stopped. We realized we worked to give away all our money to someone else so we could live; to work.

We realized how ridiculous it all was and we decided that we had to find another way.

We ditched our house and 2/3 of our belongings and moved into an 700 square foot mobile home. At the time it wasn’t easy – we were attached to our things that we spent hours working to afford. We also had to come to terms with leaving the society approved way and venturing off into what we knew would cause others to look at us funny.

What we found doing this was that all that “stuff” which was so important to have – which caused so much debt but filled us at the time of purchase – wasn’t missed at all. Neither was the space that society tells you you must have to be important.

Yes we dealt with the looks and comments from others given our new home situation but those remarks were quickly changed to looks of awe when they figured out our costs vs theirs.

Now we are taking an even bigger leap with our new 120 square foot bus that we will be converting into our full-time home.


As we continue with our journey – we am hoping to help others begin theirs! Through upcoming online courses, free webinars and resources as well as blog posts and videos, we will help others join us on the most epic adventure of our lives.


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Hey All! We are Allan & Nicole. We always felt trapped and stuck in life and could never quite come to terms on why we were living the lives that we were. That was until learning that society simply wants us all in the same box and it was this box that was making us go nutters. When we finally decided to start to climb out of the box and lead a life truly ours is when we finally started to feel the weight lift. We want to help others find their bliss outside the box.

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